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Intensive Fairness Face Wash

Intensive Fairness Face Wash

Garnier PowerLight Oil Control + Fairness Moisturiser
Lemon extract & Mineral clay
Intensive visible fairness Absorbs excess oiliness & shine. Fairness without Oiliness

The proven power of ingredients of natural origin

    Lemon extract: A rich source of AHAs known for its exfoliating properties, it helps eliminate dark dead cells that can make your skin tone look dull and uneven.
    Mineral clay: A powerful active ingredient known for its oil-absorbing properties, it helps control
    excess sebum that can make skin look greasy and unclean.

PowerLight 6hr oil-control + fairness Moisturiser
Wish you could keep your skin looking fair and oil-free despite your hectic daily life?
Garnier Men creates PowerLight Oil-Control:
The 1st moisturiser for men with a light, non-sticky formula that delivers visible farness while controling oiliness.
>> Intensive fairness action: Enriched with brightening lemon extract, it makes skin visibly fairer immediately and gives a lasting fair look.
>> Intensive oil-control action: The formula containing oil-absorbing mineral clay keeps skin clean and oil-free for up to 6 hours.
Now, Experience Fairness without oiliness!

Apply twice daily on the whole face, on perfectly cleansed skin. Avoid eye area.

Intensive Fairness Face Wash 100 gm
Intensive Fairness Face Wash Garnier PowerLight Oil Control...
Intensive Fairness Face Wash 200 gm
Intensive Fairness Face Wash Garnier PowerLight Oil Control...
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